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Elegance with simplicity.

Aluminium stands out for its minimalistic look and for the elegance it gives to the room where is used.
Aluminium main characteristics are the great flexibility and the special chromatic effects of its surface.


The best product to cover your details and shapes with real Aluminum is ALUFLEX, with a paper base, and CONTINUOFLEX, based on plastic.


  • STRUCTURE: Aluminum reinforced with saturated paper
  • THICKNESS: 0,23 mm
  • SUPPLY: rolls
  • CHARACTERISTICS:Metallic surface, easy and quick to use.
  • COLORI: Various metal finishings available
  • APPLICAZIONE: profile-wrapping machine profili


  • STRUCTURE: Alluminum and ABS
  • THICKNESS: 0,43 mm
  • SUPPLY: rolls
  • CHARACTERISTICS: metal surface, scratch-resistant
  • COLORS: various metal finishings available
  • APPLICATIONS: profile-wrapping machine/li>


Many different colors for Alminum and ABS edges, ready to enrich your doors, panels, and more.


  • STRUCTURE: Aluminum with same-color ABS
  • THICKNESS: from 0,5 to 2 mm
  • SUPPLY: rotoli
  • CHARACTERISTICS: metal surface, scratch-resistant
  • COLORS: various finishings available
  • APPLICATION: edgebanding machine

Available metal finishings

Various colors available. Do you have a specific color in mind?
We can make it!
Contact usand request our samples.

Continuo Color

Aluminum surface, brushed and painted in any needed color.
Base in ABS for easy and quick usage.

  • STRUCTURE: ABS-based aluminum
  • THICKNESS: 1 mm
  • SUPPLY: rolls
  • CHARACTERISTICS: brushed aluminum
  • COLORS:PANTONE® colors
  • APPLICATION: edgebanding machine


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