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BVR cares about details.

Our manufacturing is based on research and the development of new technologies, to offer our customers the best and to recreate and produce exactly the original work.

Our history began in our workshop, where the production line has always worked and where we have always designed and produced machines and shaping tools.
Today, technological innovation is still at the base of our company: each production is the result of a refined technical knowledge, based on the development of new prototypes.

Art is a work of men: we love our work and we want to offer the best to our customers.
The work of our good craftsmen, their expertise and their skills are important as well as the quality of our raw materials, to produce exactly what the customers asked for. A flawless work.

The development of the product starts with the examination of the panel and its details to be reproduced

Research & Development

INTERZUM 2017: Arpa presents What’s New, the Edgebandings of the collection are ready at the BVR storehouse

Losa, the new finishing touch of Arpa collection enhances the porous surface of the slate rock through a very strong three-dimensional effect. The finishing is chacarecterised by a structure which simulates a 60 degrees cut, can be combined to a selection of decorations which have been specifically developed to highlight its depth and beauty.

Walnut, eucalyptus and an innovative interpretation of cherry wood, an original selection of decorative stuccos with a Urban finish and a new version of a spatulated cement with a Mika finish. And more, a new selection of exclusive “metallic oxidate” decoratives, specifically for the Luna finish.

While Arpa was presenting What’s New at INTERZUM in Cologne, at the BVR storehouse the edgebarndings of the new collection were ready to be part of brand new projects.

February 20th: fifty years of BVR, since 1967 at the cutting edge of architecture and design

The history of BVR can be told through the collection of our rollers which are displayed within our factory: an authentic  library of the industry, memory of the work of these fifty years.

Edging has always been, and is still today the heart of the company production, just like fifty years ago. Since 1967 we produce wood based, aluminium, ABS and paper based panel edging materials. Today, as then, with the same commitment and passion of the past

Three new colours, for a refined and tasteful finish

Just after the Summer break, BVR introduces refined brand new aluminium finishings. Luna Rame (LR05), Luna Champagne (LC07) and Luna Topazio (LT08) become part of the Aluminum collection, which includes borders and siding materials, and complete our Kappa collection, specifically designed for decorative profiles.

The range of BVR products once again stands out for its ability to adapt and fit in several applications, as a result of its particular chromatic effects and the tasteful finish of the surfaces.

Come to visit BVR as every year at Exposicam 2016 in Pordenone, from 18th to 21st of October: Pavilion number 6 – stand 39.

Mirror: a refined and glossy touch for the new extra-polished finishing

All of our Aluminium based profiles with their minimalist style make every room a unique and refined space. Progress is the basis of our high quality goods: for this reason, from our metallic finish Lucidissimo we develop Mirror, a revolutionary finishing which will redefine the concept of sheen and luxury, features at the heart of our production.  

A mirror finishing with a glossy and high performance on surfaces, for more polished applications on profiles and borders, available in Aluminium base Continuo and Kappa profiles. A new product with surprising features, the ideal solution for special applications in prestigious spaces.

Come to visit us at Expo Sicam 2016 to see and experience Mirror: BVR will be at the Pordenone Fair from 18th to 21st of October, Pavilion number 6 – stand 39.

Ribond NAF

We removed something from our product to enhance its value, for our customers and the environment. Since January the 1st 2016, formaldehyde and the compounds which contain it are considered extremely dangerous. BVR has been among the first to study and realise a NAF paper based product for edging and profile-wrapping, named NAF completely free from formaldehyde but with the same technical properties and implementations. Nothing has changed, we just made it better.

The NAF RIBOND products are impregnated paper based borders, printed with customized wood and solid colors surfaces: the seris has now an innovative formula, completely free from formaldehyde: same flexibility and ability to adapt completely on curved surface and edgings, and door-leaf borders. A safe, timeless and reliable choice.

When the high-refined quality of our customized products matches the unlimited possibilities of choices and style: Synthesis, a Thermoplastic ABS edges and leaves which feature any kind of surface and textures. Several thicknesses, structures and finishings available.

The attitude and ability to create details to make the difference. Kappa is a decorative profile with a metallic surface, various colour effects and multiple cuts. The high flexibility of the product guarantees the adaptation on several kinds of application.